An almost tropical looking form of the traditional English primrose, with large double flowers that combine shades of yellow (traditional) with orange, rose and mango (that’s the tropical bit). Primula Nectarine blooms throughout spring and intermittently beyond with foliage that remains pretty much evergreen. Likes some shade. Rich moist soil is best. 10 in.


Nectarine is one of the recently iuntroduced Belarina series of hybrid primula, selected for their opulent double blooms, compact and free flowering habit, with the ability to carry on flowering long after their traditional cousins (or should that be ancestors?) have decided to pack it in for the season, due to the fact that they are sterile. They are available in a range of colour variants, including red, white, yellow and blue with lots of subtle shading going on, often changing as the flower develops and ages. Lovely.

The genus primula is a large and varied one, with more than 400 species with native habitats scattered across the globe, though it’s fair to say that only a few crop up south of the equator and that a high proportion call the Himalayas home. Although these habitats can range from the low lying and boggy to high alpine locations by way of woodland settings, they generally like moisture around their roots and most prefer a bit of shade from the noonday sun. Primula vulgaris, of which the Belarina series plants are hybrids, is of European origin and grows in wooded and shady spots, which gives you some idea of their requirements.

Primulas are easy to care for: by and large you can just let them get on with things with no interference on your part.

Primula Belarina Nectarine is a hardy evergreen perennial with large double flowers of yellow, orange, and rose pink in spring and summer suitable for shade.

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