Rodgersia Cherry Blush is a splendid specimen plant with something to offer all season: the large crinkled fingered leaves à la horse chestnut are tinged reddish bronze in spring and autumn, and in early to mid-summer the tall plumes of soft cherry pink flowers on vivid red stems will certainly demand your attention. Quite fabulous in every respect. Sun or semi-shade. Moist soil. 36 in. 2 litre pot.


Now there are a number of Rodgersia with darkened foliage that have appeaed on the market in recent years, but Cherry Blush is perhaps our favourite, with good strong bronzy chocolate colouration to the large fingered leaves as they develop (and as autumn approaches) and the big heads of cherry pink rather fluffy flowers over some weeks in summer. It’s a statement plant, as in time it bulks up into an imposing clump as wide as it is tall, so one plant is all you need in most modern gardens. It doesn’t need full sun to flower well, being happy in a bit of shade, and it will tolerate pretty damp soil.

Rodgersia are native to mountainous areas in China, Korea and Japan where their natural habitat s moist woodland and streamside locations. So, you might rightly surmise that, here in the UK, it will be good beside a pond or in a lightly wooded location. The genus name is in honour of Rear-Admiral John Rodgers, a 19th centuryAmerican naval officer and commander of a Pacific expedition during which the first examples of this genus were discovered.

Rodgersia Henrici Cherry Blush is a hardy perennial plant with bronze green fingered leaves and cherry pink flowers in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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