Nachtvlinder means night moth, which seems a totally appropriate name for this beautiful salvia with its large lipped flowers in a definitely nocturnal shade of plummy maroon purple from May onwards. Nice neat shrubby habit, and aromatic foliage to boot. Sun or semi-shade. Hardy in a well drained soil. 30 in. 2 litre pot.

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Nachtvlinder is a form of Salvia x jamensis (a cross between S. Greggii and S. Microphylla) selected by the German salvia enthusiast Frank Fischer. If your German is up to it, you can visit his website here.

Salvia is a large genus with some 900 species within it, ranging from tender annuals to evergreen shrubs, with habitats spread throughout the world. Salvias have enjoyed a recent vogue, thanks in no small measure to the astonishing popularity of Salvia Hotlips, which by now must feature in most UK gardens, and the Wish series. Our favourites, however, remain the glorious blue parrot beak flowers of Salvia Patens, with a special mention going to the variey Blue Angel, which we don't currently grow, but undoubtedly will do again at some point in the future.

Prune Salvia Nachtvlinder hard back in early spring and give it an occasional light trim during the season to keep it in shape and encourage repeat flowering.

Salvia Nachtvlinder is a hardy shrubby perennial with aromatic leaves and lipped dark maroon purple flowers all summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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