Scabiosa Clive Greaves, splendid fellow that he is, sports beautiful large lavender blue flowers with a distinctively ruffled appearance which float on long stems all summer long and will attract butterflies to your garden. An old scabious variety but still at the top of his game, though hard to find these days. Likes full sun. Any well drained soil. 18 in. 1 litre pot.


The species Scabiosa Caucasica is a native of, as is evident in the name, the Caucasus and has long been grown in British gardens, certainly since the early 19th century. The slightly offputting genus name does have the associations you might infer, as it refers to the supposed properties of the coarse leaves to reduce itchiness when rubbed on the skin. Clive Greaves is, as suggested above, an old variety, dating back to the 1920s, but one which has stood the test of time and the advent of new upstart varieties. Rather than repeat it all here, we will refer you to the excellent article by Val Bourne, which you can read here.

A bit of deadheading during the flowering season and Clive should stay happy in your garden. Scabious are not particularly long-lived perennials but, given a well drained soil (they actually prefer poor stony soils), they will provide a few seasons of pleasure.

Scabiosa Caucasica Clive Greaves is a hardy perennial plant with grey green leaves and lavender blue flowers from early to late summer suitable for full sun.

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