This little fellow thinks he is a bedding plant, as he seems to try to keep on flowering as long as possible between late spring and autumn. Scabiosa Kudo forms a low mound of rather ferny foliage, above which rise wiry stems holding frilly powderpuff pink flowers. Just brilliant. Sun or semi-shade. Any well drained soil. 15 in. 1 litre pot.


Very new indeed, as it only arrived on the market in 2015. Scabiosa Kudo was originally bred in Japan by Kaori Ichiba, which presumably explains the slightly unusual name, as kudo is a martial art as in judo, kendo etc. It is a named variety of the species Scabiosa Incisa, a native of southern Africa, where its habitat is sandy coastal soils around the Cape region: that is a good indicator of the kind of well drained sunny situation Kudo will enjoy in a UK garden.

Like most of its cousins, Scabiosa Kudo is short-lived in perennial terms, but it just gives so much in terms of flower power that we can forgive it that. We had a beautiful rounded specimen in a big pot that simply ignored deteriorating weather conditions and insisted on flowering right through the depths of winter.

Dead heading is useful in maintaining strong continuous flowering, and we have found that a pretty radical shearing in mid or late season can also be beneficial.

Scabiosa Incisa Kudo is a hardy compact perennial with ferny leaves and ruffled pink pincushion flowers all summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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