Trollius Golden Queen is an outstanding border perennial with beautiful divided foliage and, in early to mid-summer, large globe-shaped flowers held upright like giant buttercups in a glowing golden yellow. It will repeat flower so offers a long season of sunny floral delight. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonably moist soil. 2 ½ feet. 2 litre pot. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLANTS ARE CURRENTLY RELATIVELY TALL & IN BLOOM: FLOWERING STEMS WILL NEED TO CUT BACK IF SENDING BY COURIER (ONLINE ORDERS).


Trollius Golden Queen has great flowers, like giant double buttercups, which are just the thing to raise your spirits as the season gets underway. And it will rebloom happily if old flowering stems are cut back. What a star.

Trollius is a genus with some 20 plus species found in Asia, Europe and North America: in all of those locations, their preferred habitat is moist meadowland, and in the British garden they will like being planted in soil that doesn’t dry out. Other than that, they aren’t fussy. While all trollius have the distinctively buttercup-like flowers, they do vary in stature and flowering habit, but we are particularly fond of Golden Queen, which is tall enough to make a bit of a statement and has large almost luminescent flowers that are quite unmissable. Unsurprisingly, it sells well when brought to a show in bloom.

Trollius Golden Queen doesn’t demand much in the way of care: a bit of deadheading as suggested above and chopping back to ground level in late autumn or early spring, as the fancy takes you. This isn’t a demure-looking buttercup: it’s a dazzler. That’s what Val Bourne thinks of Golden Queen: in this article she gives advice on how to grow it and other members of the Trollius family.

Here is a video to chill out to: a commentary-free clip of two flowers of Trollius Golden Queen swaying in the breeze.

Trollius Chinensis Golden Queen is a hardy perennial plant with divided leaves and yellow buttercup flowers in early to mid summer suitable sun or semi-shade.

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