Verbena Bampton is rather like the popular Verbena Bonariensis in style, with an open airy habit and long blooming clusters of pinky purple flowers, but in this distinctive variety of V. Officinalis, the stems and tiny leaves are flushed purple, which ups the ante just a bit. This interesting plant originated in the Devon village of Bampton on the banks of the River Exe. Full sun. Well drained soil. 24 to 36 in. 1 litre pot.


See this link for a little bit on the story behind Verbena Bampton. As you will see there, it boasts a rather cumbersome full name of Verbena Officinalis var. Grandiflora Bampton. Vervain, as Verbena Officinalis is commonly known, is a native of Europe and has a long history of herbal or medicinal applications, being used to treat insomnia asnd anxiety, among other things. There is so much to say on the subject that will refrain from doing it here and refer you to this page instead.

From its humble and obscure beginnings, Verbena Bampton has become a popular choice for discerning gardeners, and its availability has increased sharply in the last few years. We like it, as it is more manageable than the formerly ubiquitous Verbena Bonariensis, and the deep purple colouration of stems and leaves is highly attractive, especially when offset by the little clusters of pink flowers.

Keep your Bampton nicely shaped by pruning occasionally. Cut it back to half its height before winter: you will see dark purple growth as a little rosette on the surface which will create new growrth come the spring, when you can cut back the older stems to ground level.

Verbena Bampton is a hardy perennial with bronze purple flushed leaves and masses of small pink flowers throughout summer suitable for full sun.      

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