A very compact form of veronica, Bubblegum Candles does its thing all summer long, which is to produce a seemingly endless supply of flowering spikes (that’s the candles bit) in a shade we are obliged to call bubblegum pink. Likes the sun. Any well drained soil. 10 in. 1 litre pot.


There are, as far as we know, three varieties of veronica that have the epithet ‘candles’ in their name. Bubblegum Candles is clearly one of them and is a very recent introduction. The same is true of Snow Candles, the white flowered version, but the blue variety Royal Candles is in fact quite a veteran in the plant world, having being marketed variously as Glory and Ulster Blue Dwarf. As they say, what’s in a name?

Being compact is a definite advantage, as some of the taller varieties have a tendency to flop in midsummer and consequently look a bit untidy. No such trouble with this little one, and all you need to do is trim off flowering spikes once they have gone over. Although they like well drained soil, don’t let things become bone dry, as than can cause the foliage to look a bit tatty. Feeding occasionally during the flowering season can be a good idea for the same reason.

Veronica Bubblegum Candles is a compact hardy perennial with short branching spikes of deep pink flowers throughout summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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