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SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. A terrific garden plant, Veronica First Glory is neat in habit, so it doesn’t get too tall and floppy. The flower spikes are blue, a deep and very royal shade of blue, and it just keeps on blooming like it doesn’t want to stop. And it doesn’t - at least, not until autumn, especially if you do a bit of chopping back of spent flowering stems. Butterflies love veronicas, so they will thank you for that. Likes the sun. Any well drained soil. 15 to 18 in. 1 litre or 9 cm pot.

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First Glory is one of the First series of veronica, the other two members of the family being First Love (strikingly pink flowers) and First Lady (pure white flowers). They have been developed from the species Veronica Longifolia, so, as you might expect, they sport fairly long pointed lance shaped leaves in a rather fetching mid green shade.

Veronica Longifolia is native to northern and central Europe, ranging as far north as Siberia, and eastern parts of Asia. Habitats are varied, but First Glory will be at its happiest given a position with some sun during the day and soil with decent drainage.

Other than the deadheading mentioned above, maintenance is low. Just trim back old stems immediately before or after winter.

In this short video you can see some nice specimens of all the Veronica First series. First Glory shows its face around a minute in.

Veronica First Glory is a compact hardy perennial with pointed leaves and spikes of deep royal blue flowers throughout summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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