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Known in cultivation since the 17th century, Zantedeschia Aethiopica, or Arum lily, is a garden classic, with its large rich green pointed arrow shaped leaves and pure white flowering spathes like upright slightly furled trumpets from late spring to mid summer. Glencoe is a particularly floriferous and vigorous variety and is as tough and robust as it sounds. Evergreen in mild winters. Likes the sun. Moist soil. To 36 in. 2 litre pot.


For many people the first acquaintance they have with zantedeschia is the often highly coloured compact flowering machines usually marketed as Calla lilies: this is, however, the tender branch of the family, and Zantesdeschia Aethiopica and its cultivars represent the much hardier - and much larger - side of things. As the species name suggests, these are plants that hail from the southern parts of the African continent where they can be found growing in moist or swampy areas and by the margins of lakes. Zantedeschia can indeed be grown as marginal aquatics and certainly add a bit of drama to the surroundings of a garden pond.

The common name Calla Lily is actually misleading, as these plants are not lilies, nor are they callas (see here for the lowdown on all of this), and the correct genus name of Zantedeschia honours the important 18th to 19th century Italian botanist (and medical man, as per usual) Giovanni Zantedeschi. The name Glencoe might bring to mind rugged Scottish scenery or the terrible events of 1692, but in fact in this instance it refers to the gardens at Glencoe Farm in rather less rugged Gloucestershire, where this cultivar has its origins.

No words, no music, just the sound of a few insects, birds and the breeze as it ruffles the flowers on a clump of Zantedeschia Aethiopica. Relax.

Zantedeschia Glencoe is a hardy semi evergreen perennial with pointed leaves and white flower spathes from spring to summer suitable for moist soil.

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