A stunning modern take on that old favourite of the Romans, Acanthus Mollis or Bear’s Breeches. The glossy dark green leaves of Whitewater are splashed with creamy white, and tall stiff spikes of pink and cream flowers rise up impressively in summer. As magnificent as a Palladian mansion but less expensive to maintain. Prefers a little shade. Any well drained soil. 48 in. 2 litre pot.   


People argue as to whether Tasmanian Angel or Whitewater is the better variegated Acanthus: we are currently voting in favour of the latter.

Give it a shaded spot as the sun can fry the creamy leaves. It will be happy there, and so will you be when it establishes itself.

There are some splendid stands of Acanthus Mollis to be seen in the grounds of the Roman palace at Fishbourne, where they have recreated a typical garden of the era. Some lovely figs there, too, along with various other herbs and perennials plants.

This video shows of the beauty of Acanthus Whitewater really well. The commentary is, however, in French, so listen carefully!

Acanthus Whitewater is a hardy perennial with glossy cream and green variegated leaves and pink and cream flower spikes in summer best in light shade.

Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries (cover).

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