The clue to the colour of the large flattish flowerheads on this compact modern variety of achillea, or yarrow, is in the name Apple Blossom, and you can enjoy it not just in spring but through summer into autumn, with a little bit of deadheading. What’s more, the shades of pink vary according to maturity of the flowers, from deepest pink to a pale near white. The filigree ferny foliage is lightly scented if crushed, just as a bonus. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 18 to 24 in.


Achillea is one of the plant names that most of us aren’t really sure if our way of pronouncing it is the correct one or not. Whatever the truth of that might be, we can safely say that the genus name refers to the well known hero of Greek mythology Achilles, the man with the famously dodgy heel, who reputedly used this plant for its healing properties to stop bleeding and treat wounds suffered on the battlefield. Mind you, the medicinal properties of yarrow were known long before Achilles got in on the act, as traces of the herb were found, along with those of other medicinal plants, in a Neanderthal burial site in Iraq dating from around 60,000 BC .

Apple Blossom is originally, or perhaps correctly, called Apfelblüte, as it is one of the Galxy series of achillea cultivars developed in Germany as variants on Achillea Millefolium, the species name meaning thousand-leaved in reference to the fine filigree ferny nature of the foliage. It’s a pretty carefree plant, which will get on with things without too much intervention on your part. We suggest cutting back when flowerheads show signs of going over, and that’s about it.

Achillea Apple Blossom is a hardy perennial with aromatic ferny foliage and flat heads of pink flowers throughout summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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