We like agastaches for their highly aromatic leaves and long flowering period. Agastache Morello is a bushy upright plant with spikes of deep dark cherry pink flowers over attractive blue green foliage from midsummer through to the frosts. Best in full sun. Any well drained soil. Fairly compact at 2 feet or a tad more. 1 litre pot.


Morello is a fine new addition to the serried ranks of Agastache hybrids out there. Not only does it boast a very long blooming period, pretty much from spring right through to the autumn, but the flowering spikes are dense and bushy and in a rather luscious shade of deep cherry pink or, as the breeders would have it, deep burgundy rose. However you choose to describe it, it’s a strong presence in the garden landscape. On top of that, the foliage is, we think, better than most other agastaches out there. It’s a lovely deep, almost metallic, bluey green and the aroma exuded when the leaves are crushed is not the usual rather citrusy or minty one that you might expect, but something with deeper notes that evades our ability to describe it effectively. There’s an oiliness about it , perhaps something of eucalyptus and/ or liquorice. Whatever it is, we do like it.

Morello is the product of a three-way cross between Agastache cusickii, Agastache cana and Agastache pallida, and the developers, Terra Nova Nurseries, think they are on to a winner with it. Our initial experience with it suggests they are. Flower spikes were developing even on very young plants which showed a strong tendency to bush out and develop multiple crowns even at that early stage. Impressive.

Plant in a sunny spot and where the drainage is very good: wet soil in winter is a real deal breaker for agastaches. Care is limited to deadheading the spent flowering spikes to encourage continuous blooming and cutting back in early winter or early spring.

Lots of information on growing agastaches in this video. It’s from the US, so references to their popularity with hummingbirds won’t apply here in the UK!

Agastache Morello is a hardy perennial with aromatic blue green foliage and spikes of dark cherry pink flowers throughout summer suitable for full sun.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo(s) courtesy of TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc.

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