AVAILABLE 2019. Torch plant is the common name for this hardy aloe, and you will see why when, in late summer, the tubular orangey red flowers dangle on wiry stems above the rosette of white spotted succulent leaves. Spreads by forming new rosettes. Aloe Aristata has the synonym of Aloe Ellenbergeri and is also sometimes called the bearded aloe. A little hipster, perhaps. Full sun. Well drained soil. 12 in. 1 litre pot.

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Aloe Aristata is a dwarf in the aloe family and hails from the high level grasslands and mountainous areas of southern Africa, often growing at up to 2000 metres and more above sea level. So it's a pretty hardy little thing, given the sharp drainage it requires, though in the colder parts of this country we think it would prefer some protection in the winter months.

Easy to propogate by removing new offsets once they have formed a little rosette and potting them up in a cactus compost.

Aloe Aristata is a hardy perennial succulent with rosettes of pointed green leaves with white spots and tubular orange red flowers in summer suitable for sun.

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