Alstroemeria are often to be found in the florist's shop, particularly the long stemmed varieties, as they are undoubtedly rather glamorous flowers, as the common name Peruvian lily suggests. Inca Sundance is, however, a good compact alstroemeria with gorgeous creamy to lemon yellow trumpet shaped flowers with distinctive brown markings to the throats over a very long period from June through to November. Equally at home in a pot or in the ground. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 12 in. 1 litre pot.


The common name Peruvian lily rather gives away the fact that Alstroemeria are native to South America where they grow in grassland and more rocky mountain slopes. They have thick tuberous roots so decent drainage is important to avoid the danger of waterlogging and rotting in the winter. Given that, Alstroemerias are generally hardier than their exotic appearance would suggest, and Inca Sundance is a particularly reliable variety.

Depending on how cold it is in winter, Alstroemeria may remain semi-evergreen or die back completely. If the latter is true, you can remove any messy old foliage before spring kicks in. In terms of care, there not much else required to keep your plant happy. We like Inca Sundance because it stays compact and it won't need any staking, unlike some of the taller varieties which can require some support.

There is a trick to deadheading an established Alstroemeria plant, which is explained in this video (look out for the rather nice Tetrapanax behind the alstroemeria border!):

Alstroemeria Inca Sundance is a hardy perennial with creamy yellow trumpet shaped flowers with brown flecked throats in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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