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Think Jack Frost, then think bigger, much bigger. Brunnera Alexander's Great has the same silvery veined leaves but the individual leaves and the plant itself are on a different scale, hence the name. Winner of lots of prizes and admirers. Blue flowers in spring as per usual. Prefers some shade. Likes a reasonably moist soil. 15 in. 9 cm and 2 litre pot available.


This new large-leaved Brunnera is a sport discovered in Belarus by a gentleman whose name you might be able to guess ..... yes, well done, it's Alexander. It is certainly impressive, and we were quite struck by the difference in stature between this variety and the Silver Heart brunneras it was growing adjacent to on our nursery.

If you have a shady spot in your garden that needs brightening up a bit, it's hard to think of a better candidate to do the job than Brunnera Alexander's Great, provided the soil stays reasonably moist and doesn't dry out in summer.

As far as maintenance goes, all you need do is trim off the old flowering stems once they have gone over, and clear up old foliage either in early winter or early spring, as you prefer.

Brunnera Alexander’s Great is a hardy perennial with large silver veined heart shaped leaves and blue forget me not flowers in spring suitable for shade.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo by Terra Nova Nurseries.

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