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Big leaves (that’s why these plants are called elephant ear) are the chief characteristic of colocasia. Blue Hawaii is a particularly stunning variety - the large light green pointed leaves have very striking blue veins which are even more pronounced seen against the light. A wondrous thing to behold when mature and in its pomp. Overwinter indoors. Sun or shade, moist soil. To 5 feet. 2 litre or 9 cm pot.


Blue Hawaii is one of the Royal Hawaiian series of colocasia introduced by US outfit Planthaven, which numbers some eight in the collection, You can find out more about the series here.

In warmer climes colocasia are used as landscape plants, often in association with water features, which suits them well, both aesthetically and because they like moist conditions in the growing season. Although hardiness is usually quoted as US zones 8 to 10, which in theory ought to cover much of the UK, you are unlikely to want to grow colocasia in the ground year-round, and we would advise overwintering under cover. This may mean treating as an indoor plant during the winter months, keeping it above 10 or so degrees but relatively dry, or removing most of the soil and storing as you might a dahlia tuber.

To be honest, rather than go into too much detail here, we recommend taking a look at this page, which will provide pretty much all the information you are likely to need about growing and looking after colocasia, whether Blue Hawaii or another variety.

Blue Hawaii is one of two varieties of Colocasia that we grow: the other is Black Coral, so you might want to take a peek at the page for that one too!

Colocasia Esculenta Blue Hawaii is a half-hardy tuberous perennial with enormous pointed light green leaves with blue veins suitable for sun or shade.

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