White Gold is a delightful new variant on the white-flowered form of bleeding heart (Dicentra) with golden yellow foliage and stems that will brighten up a shady corner from early spring to mid summer, when it will generally retire gracefully to summer dormancy. If, however, the soil remains fairly moist, it may well pass on the late summer nap and remain in leaf. Best with some shade. Moist soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot.


The white flowered variant on Dicentra (Lamprocapnos) Spectabilis has been around a long time and is readily available, but this variety brings something new to the mix with its glorious golden yellow colouring to the foliage and, indeed, the stems. We do find it insists on a significant degree of shade, especially around midday, to perform at its best, as strong sunlight will quickly burn the leaves. A shady spot that doesn’t dry out in the height of summer will also ensure that White Gold forgoes the pleasures of summer dormancy and stays in leaf, though the colouration may deepen to something more like chartreuse. Plus, we have found it will tickle your fancy with little bursts of flowering on and off through to autumn.

We have Meg and Jim Dalton to thank for the introduction of Dicentra White Gold. The Daltons are the owners of a famous garden in Middle Grove, USA (in New York state, but far from the hubbub of the captal city). Their real specialism is hostas, and they have hybridised quite a few of those, but their interest naturally extends to other shade-loving plants- such as dicentra. To see the Daltons and some of their hostas, take a look here.

Graham Rice is keen on this new introduction and has written about it on his RHS new plants blog here.

For some idea of how this dicentra might look in your garden, take a look at this short video,. It actually features Gold Heart, the pink flowered version, rather than White Gold, but it will certainly show how the foliage looks.

Dicentra syn Lamprocapnos White Gold is a hardy perennial with golden yellow foliage and hanging white heart shaped flowers in spring and summer suitable for shade.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo by Terra Nova Nurseries.

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