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A new and apparently hardier cross between Digitalis and Isoplexis (from the Canary Islands), Berry Canary has a compact and bushy habit with a semi-evergreen rosette of toothed lance-shaped leaves and spikes clothed with slightly flattened deep rose cloured flowers with creamy gold speckled throats. Very long flowering and a thing of real beauty. Full sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLANTS ARE CURRENTLY RELATIVELY TALL & IN BLOOM: FLOWERING STEMS WILL NEED TO CUT BACK IF SENDING BY COURIER (ONLINE ORDERS).


In 2012 Digitalis Illumination Pink won the prestigious award for Best New Plant at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the first of a series of hybrid foxgloves pioneered by Charles Valin at Thompson and Morgan. These are crosses between Digitalis, the familiar native British foxglove, and what was then known as Isoplexis Canariensis, the Canary Island foxglove. The latter plant is a gorgeous thing, and we grow it - have a look at our page for it.

The name Digiplexis then seemed to creep into use for these new hybrids, and that made some kind of sense until in 2015 Isoplexis was reclassified as Digitalis. So a new moniker had to be found, and the RHS  decided on Digitalis x Valinii, which is a nice nod to the man who bred them initially.

On its introduction T&M billed Illumination Pink as fully hardy, but doubts soon crept in as to the veracity of that, and the description was modified to be a bit more circumspect. As ever, good drainage in winter helps a lot, and we find the hybrids will take several degrees of frost without trouble. Berry Canary is a newer introduction and should be hardier than its predecessors.

Here is a ten second glimpse on video of Illumination Pink, the original cross, which will give you at least some idea of what to expect:

Digitalis x Valinii Berry Canary is a fairly hardy perennial with spires of rose pink flowers with creamy gold throats in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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