A plant with a challenging name to pronounce, Disporopsis Pernyi is a relation of Solomon’s seal and is essentially an evergreen version of that lovely harbinger of spring. Gracefully arching stems are clothed with paired waxy green leaves and, in spring, pendant flared white bell-like flowers with a hint of lemon scent. Some shade. Any reasonable soil. 18 in. 2 litre pot.


Disporopsis hail from south eastern China, where their native habitat is upland forest. Now, you might not be able to provide that in your UK garden, but any suitably shady spot that doesn’t dry out too much in summer will fit the bill. If you are lucky enough to have an area of woodland, well, you’ve got just the perfect spot for this lovely plant.

Our big RHS book suggests that Disporopsis Pernyi and Polygonatum Cyrtonema are synonymous, which we find confusing, to say the least. Our researches would indicate that the two plants are very different indeed. Help!

Disporopsis Pernyi has a clumping habit but certainly isn’t a thug and it won’t mount a takeover bid in your garden. That, plus its compact stature, means that it will make a pleasing statement in a shady corner without being in any way overbearing. We like that about it. And, to be honest, it is pretty much maintenance-free. Even more bonus points for that.

Disporopsis Perny is a hardy evergreen perennial with pointed glossy leaves and pendant scented white flowers in spring and early summer suitable for shade.

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