AVAILABLE 2019. As welcoming a sight in the garden as its name suggests, Aloha is a relatively compact echinacea with petals the colour of fresh melon surrounding orange central cones which looks simply stunning from June to September, given a bit of deadheading. Particularly good when planted in a group. Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot.

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Echinaceas generally carry a light fragrance, and Aloha is no exception, so it is a plant attractive to butterflies and other beneficial insects, which is a positive in the garden. On the other hand, deer don't seem to be keen on echinaceas, so we can regard that as another plus point.

Aloha is another echinacea with a fairly flat shape to the flower, which might explain why Rob has allowed it to creep on to the catalogue. It is one of the Prairie Pillar series introduced by the famous Terra Nova Nurseries in the United States.

Echinacea Aloha is a hardy perennial plant with melon yellow flowers with orange central cones from summer into autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo by Terra Nova Nurseries.

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