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SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON. Flowering from the height of summer into autumn with a succession of flowers described by the breeder of this echinacea as honey mango (and who are we to disagree?), Big Kahuna will certainly be the boss wherever you plant him. It’s a Hawaiian term for a spiritual or magical leader but also common in surfing circles. Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 2 feet. 2 litre or 1 litre pot.

sold out

Big Kahuna is another of the numerous varieties of echinacea introduced by the US breeder Terra Nova Nurseries and one that added to our growing affection for the coneflower. Partly the name, partly the colour and certainly its good upright habit and strong flowering over a prolonged period.

As mentioned above, the word kahuna is of Hawaiian origin, but its use in surfing circles seems to go back to the 1959 film ‘Gidget’ which features a character The Big Kahuna who was was the leader of a group of surfers. The term then gathered momentum during the 1960s in other surfing-related films and ultimatelybecoming adopted into general surfing terminology and culture. In the 1999 movie The Big Kahuna’ the term is used to refer to a company that salesmen are trying to make a lucrative deal with.

The briefest of brief glimpses of Echinacea Big Kahuna is on view in this video clip. Enough to whet your appetite, though.

Echinacea Big Kahuna is a hardy perennial with honey mango coloured flowers with orange central cones from summer into autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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