With a name like Flamingo, you would expect a bit of pink to the flowers, and you certainly get that in this lovely echinacea, with dark central cones surrounded by orangey pink petals ithat lighten towards the tips that suggests a certain long-legged bird. A light fragrance adds to their attractions. Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 20 in. 1 litre pot.


Echinacea Flamingo is in the Fine Feathered series (named after birds, as you might surmise) from AB Cultivars and introduced to the market as recently as 2018. We talk about this series when describing Echinacea Parrot, but here is the link again to the page on their website dedicated to the series.

Flamingo is one of those echinaceas with a flatter style of flower, and we like that - or certainly Rob does - as it was this form that brought us round to the idea that coneflowers weren’t all ridiculously pointy things and might indeed have some merit in the garden after all. It’s a bicolour, too, which adds to its attractions to our eyes, with the strong flamingo orangey pink becoming almost drained of colour by the tips of the petals. It’s a strong well branching plant, even when young, and should offer months of flowering in a sunny well drained border. Or, indeed, pot.

Interestingly, Terra Nova have an echinacea named Flamingo in their range, as one of the Supreme series. That is quite different to the Fine Feathered Flamingo, being a double reflexed form. We like this one better.

Echinacea Fine Feathered Flamingo is a hardy perennial with large flat orangey pink flowers from mid summer to autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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