Green Twister is one very different echinacea, a tallish and airy plant with dark red stems topped by flat open flowers with lime green petals shading to pink (later carmine) at the centres around an orange brown central cone. It’s a natural sport of Echinacea Magnus, so is robust and reliable. Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 26 in. 2 litre pot.

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There is an interesting story behind the recent introduction, in 2017, of Echinacea Green Twister. Some years back plants like this were discovered in production fields of Echinacea Magnus at German seed specialists Jelitto. At the time it was thought that there was something wrong with the plants, that perhaps they had been affected by a virus: the plants were largely destroyed and no commercial production was undertaken. When further tests revealed, however, that this was in fact a natural sport of Magnus, everything changed, and the new variety, given the apt name Green Twister, was developed and ultimately brought to market. As it is a seed raised strain, rather than being propagated by tissue culture, there can be some natural variation, which does nothing to detract from the charms of this cultivar but just makes it all the more interesting.

The halo of pink colouration on the petals of Echinacea Green Twister tends to darken as the flower develops and ages, shading to something more in the carmine red area of the colour palette. The intensity of the green at the petal tips becomes more pronounced in plants in their second year and older, so there are indeed lots of twists to delight and intrigue in this great new echinacea.

Green Twister is rather taller than many of the modern new varieties of echinacea at something in the region of 36 inches, or 1 meter in new money, so will not look out of pace towards the back of the border and certainly won’t be crowded out by other plants. Care is restricted to deadheading when needed and cutting back for winter.

Echinacea Green Twister is a hardy perennial with lime green and pinky red flowers with brown cones from summer into autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.