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Pink Tip is a wondrously beautiful (well, we think so anyway) and rarely seen echinacea, with an apt but slightly puzzling name. There is certainly a pink tip to the rose white and only slightly reflexed petals, but it’s the end nearest the large coppery orange central cone. But who cares – it’s gorgeous. Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 2 feet. 1 litre or 9 cm pot.


Echinacea PInk Tip is still very new to the market, and we were probably one of the first few UK nurseries offering it in 2018. It appears to be a variety developed by the Dutch outfit AB Cultivars, owned by Henk Holtmaat and responsible not just for quite a few of the new echinaceas of recent years, but also a range of other garden plants, as you can see on their website here. Just to deepen the mystery, we can’t actually find Pink Tip listed among their assortment, but AB are listed as the licensors on other site on the web. Frustratiing, as we like to know these things!

Pink Tip flowered long and prolifically for us last season on young plants, so we will be interested to see how they do this time around when we have some larger specimens on the nursery. Admittedly we had a long hot summer in 2018, which suited them well, as echinaceas are used to life on the sunny open prairies of North America.

As for plant care, the usual bit of deadheading to keep the succession of blooms is recommended, but there’s not much else to do, other than tidy up old stems and foliage in late autumn or early spring. Echinaceas are easy going things.

Echinacea Pink Tip is a hardy perennial plant with flowers with white petals shading to pink around an orange centre in summer suitable for full sun.

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