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READY SOON. We are in melon territory here, as the name Supreme Cantaloupe suggests, and the brownish centred flowers are indeed a shade best described as cantaloupe. How supreme they are is a matter of personal opinion. They are also extremely long lived as individual blooms, which makes this echinacea one of the best of the new coneflowers.  Sun or semi-shade. Well drained soil. 24 in. 1 litre or 9 cm pot.

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Terra Nova, the breeders of this new echinacea are clearly pretty excited about its introduction, declaring that 'There is no other echinacea like this on the market'. What for us sets Supreme Cantaloupe apart from its peers is the changing nature of its blooming cycle: the flowers start out flattish and rather like a gerbera, then bulk up in the centres with the petals becoming reflexed in classic echinacea fashion, putting on a long lasting show. July to October, they reckon. The colour is pretty distinctive, too: a bit like Aloha but a bit more melony.

Confusingly, there are European and North American types of cantaloupe melon, being quite different varieties of Cucumis Melo, which is the parent of a number of cultivated melon varieties. In case you were interested.

Echinacea Supreme Cantaloupe is a hardy perennial plant with melon coloured reflexed flowers from mid summer to autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo by Terra Nova Nurseries.

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