READY LATER IN THE SEASON. The name Beni-Kujaku is a bit of a giveaway that this epimedium is a Japanese cultivar, and a particularly beautiful one it is too. In spring above the foliage made up of smallish heart-shaped mid-green leaves slender stems hold pendant clusters of double rose pink flowers shading to white at the centres. A very lovely thing for a shady spot. Any reasonable soil. 6 to 12 in. 2 litre pot.

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Beni-Kujaku translates as Crimson Peacock, we are led to believe. Although the flowers are more pink than red, it can be said there is something of the peacock about it, as this epimedium, despite its modest stature, is a showy thing, and it will bring a dash of glamour to any shady corner that you care to put it in.

Epimedium Beni-Kujaku is usually listed as a E. x Youngianum variety: this is the name that describes hybrids of E. Diphyllum and E. Grandiflorum, of which there are quite a few. It’s deciduous rather than evergreen, but that just makes the spring display all the more of a welcome surprise. Said to be slow growing, it perhaps doesn’t spread quite as rapidly as some of its cousins, but then it is a delicate and charming rather than a brutish thing, so that’s okay with us.

There is a rather splendid koi carp that shares the name of Beni-Kujaku. Good to know.

Easy care for this plant: trim back old foliage in late winter or early spring befiore the new growth and flowers come through.

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