Eremurus Cleopatra, a splendid example of the Foxtail Lily, provides a touch of drama to the garden in mid summer with its majestic soaring spires covered in burnt orange flowers with each petal striped with red. The strappy bluish green leaves can be up to 24 inches long. Eremurus Cleopatra looks great at the back of a border. Sunny spot. Any well drained soil. 5 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Spectacular tubers are like giant spiders or starfish, whichever metaphor you prefer. As for the common name of foxtail lily, one glance at the flowering spires will convince you of the reasoning behind that.

Cut back old spires after flowering.

Cleopatra is a cultivar of Eremurus x Isabellinus, a cross between Eremurus Olgae and E. Stenophyllus. Eremurus are native to central and western Asia where their usual habitats are dry grassland and arid places. Consequently they will not take kindly to heavy wet soils in the garden, and it is cartainly difficult to cultivate them successfully on clay.

Eremurus Cleopatra is a hardy perennial plant with a tufted rosette of leaves and tall spikes of orange flowers in mid summer suitable for full sun.

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