AVAILABLE 2020. Now for something special.  Eryngium Big Blue is big enough, at up to 36 in, and it's certainly blue enough, with striking electric blue stems sporting clusters of spiky intense blue flowerheads. The silver-veined green leaves are a perfect foil for what is pretty much a perfect plant for those who like their plants with a bit of impact. Eryngium Big Blue certainly lives up to its name. Full sun. Well drained soil. To 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Some plants are said to have the wow factor. This one certainly does.

Cut back the stems in late autumn when the show is over for the season.

Big Blue is a form of Eryngium x Zabelii, which is a cross between Eryngium Alpinum and Eryngium Bourgatii. The former is native to the Alps, Jura and the Balkans, the latter to the Pyrenees, so Big Blue is clearly of hardy mountain stock. Unsurprisingly these plants have deep tap roots, as they are used to growing in fairly barren conditions.

This video provides as good an introduction to Eryngium Big Blue as you could wish for:

Eryngium x Zabelii Big Blue is a hardy perennial plant with silver green leaves and spiky electric blue flowers in mid to late summer suitable for full sun.

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