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Eryngium Jade Frost (cracking name!)  presents an evergreen rosette of blue–green leaves with creamy white margins which turn pink in the colder months and, in summer, clusters of silvery blue spiky flowers (which intriguingly start out pure white) on sturdy, intensely blue stems. From a sport discovered in Cornwall a few years ago and possibly one of the the most strikingly beautiful variegated plants you’ll ever see! Give it some sun. Tolerates dry soils. 2 feet. 2 litre pot. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLANTS ARE CURRENTLY RELATIVELY TALL & IN BLOOM: FLOWERING STEMS WILL NEED TO CUT BACK IF SENDING BY COURIER (ONLINE ORDERS).


On a visit to another nursery, Rob was so taken with a single specimen of Eryngium Jade Frost seen there, that he had to seek some out for himself! So we started growing our own stock quite a few years ago now, one of the first plants to be grown peat-free by us. They took off so well that we were selling plants before the season ended. There must be something in the soil, as they say.

How Eryngium Jade Frost behaves in winter depends on the temperatures experienced. In most winters the evergreen rosette remains, with the lovely pink variegation very much in evidence, but in harsher winters it may disappear with the plant going completely dormant. Don't worry if this happens: Jade will return come the spring.

Eryngium Jade Frost is such a good plant that it even had its own website for a time, though it has now sadly gone offline. Jim and Megan Cave are the originators and hold the PBR licence; they used to run a nursery, then supplied plug plants online, but we think they are now inactive in that respect. Graham Rice got quite excited about this uniquely variegated sea holly when it firs appeared on the scene back in 2007, as you can read here. And below you can see a video of Jade Frost en masse.

If you needed any convincing that producing plants by tissue culture is a good thing, then Eryngium Jade Frost provides the evidence, as it is very difficult to reproduce by any other means of propagation, even by root cuttings. Essentially, without tissue culture Jade’s charms would not have reached a wider audience of admirers.

Eryngium Jade Frost is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with variegated cream and green leaves and silver blue spiky flowers in summer suitable for full sun.

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