Eucomis Aloha Leia is a refreshing new version of the  pineapple lily, with a double dose of the Hawaiian in its name, which forms a compact rosette of strappy wavy edged leaves. In summer sturdy stems rise up with purple buds that open to raspberry pink flowers with a scent of coconut. Delicious. Sunny spot. Any reasonable soil. To 18 in. 2 litre pot.


Eucomis are bulbous plants hailing from South Africa but, despite their origins and tropical looks, they are quite hardy outdoors in most parts of the UK , provide they are planted in a position with good drainage (a bit of grit at the bottom of the planting hole is a good way of ensuring this, not just for eucomis but for other bulbs and rhizomes as well). Eucomis Aloha Leia is one of three members of the Aloha series developed by US outfit Golden State Bulb Growers: in addition to Leia, with its burgundy to raspberry flower spikes, there is Maui, a pure white; and Nani, a soft pink. All are relatively compact versions of Eucomis Comosa and good advice on how to grow them and other types can be found in this article from the Telegraph.

Don’t worry if your Leia doesn’t show up early doors in spring: she likes a lie-in and it will often be May or June before she gets going. But once she does, you will not be disappointed. Tidying up the old foliage once it has died back in late autumn is about the height of your responsibilities on the care front, making this very much a low maintenance plant.

In this brief video we get a look at some eucomis plants from the Aloha series and a presenter getting very excited indeed about them. As well he might.

Eucomis Aloha Leia is a hardy bulbous perennial with strappy wavy edged leaves and coconut scented raspberry pink flowerheads in summer suitable for sun.

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