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If you like oddities, you will like this! Fascicularia Bicolor sports evergreen, rather spiky, rosettes of linear grey-green leaves that have at their centre in the summer violet blue flowers, at which point the inner leaves turn bright red! Baboons' bottoms can't help but come to mind. May take time to settle before flowering. Needs sun and very well drained soil. To 3 feet. 9cm pot.


Hardy enough here in the south of England, but the key thing is to avoid winter wet. There is a good article on growing this fun plant here.

Fascicularia Bicolor ssp. Bicolor is a terrestrial bromeliad native to Chile and, as such, it will prefer an coarse, open and well aerated and well drained medium to grow in. One customer reported how hers uprooted itself and was blown around the garden for a season or so before she replanted it, still intact and perfectly happy. Bit of a tumbleweed at heart, this plant.

Fascicularia Bicolor is a hardy evergreen perennial terrestrial bromeliad with spiny leaves and blue flowers in late summer suitable for full sun and dry soil.

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