SORRY, CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Now this is a big boy, and no mistake. Ferula Communis, or giant fennel, forms a mound of finely divided feathery plumes of emerald green foliage (in our experience here in the south, pretty much evergreen), but that's only the start of it. Once mature (takes a couple of years or so) sturdy branched stems rise up to form giant flowerheads made up of multiple umbels of tiny yellow flowers. A real spectacle. Full sun. Any well drained soil. 6 feet plus. 2 litre pot.

sold out

Not to be confused with Foeniculum, which is the more familiar edible fennel used as a kitchen herb, and to which it is indeed related.

Ferula Communis is native to the area around the Mediterranean, where it grows on rocky slopes and on waste land, so it is no surprise that it will thrive in poorish conditions, given a bit of sun on its back.

Bishops have crosiers, the Pope has a ferula, the Latin word for rod or staff. You can surmise why the plant is so called.

Ferula Communis is a tall hardy perennial with feathery finely divided green foliage and large umbels of yellow flowers in summer suitable for full sun.

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