Compact and vigorous, Gaillardia Frenzy will, right through the summer, keep on producing its large flowers with fluted trumpet-like red petals shading to hot yellow at the tips. If not absolutely frenzied, certainly a vibrant little character and one of the best of the new varieties that have appeared in recent years. Full sun. Any well drained soil. 18 in. 1 litre pot.


We like the new fluted petalled varieties that have been developed in recent times - just something a little bit different.

Dead heading is a good idea. Cut back in early spring as new growth appears from the base of the plant. Frenzy seems to overwinter better than some other varieties of Gaillardia, with plenty of basal shoots in early season.

Frenzy is one of the so far rather restricted Commotion series of Gaillardia from the Skagit Gardens nursery in the USA, the other member of this select band being Tizzy.

Gaillardia Frenzy is a hardy perennial with grey green leaves and red and yellow flowers with fluted petals from summer to autumn suitable for full sun.

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