One of the recently introduced  Spintop series, Gaillardia Red Starburst is a fabulous little flowering machine, with a continuous succession of red centred flowers that shade through orange to yellow at the petal tips. All against a background of rather slender silvery green foliage, so that’s a recipe for season long pleasure and no mistake. Full sun. Any well drained soil. 12 in  


Gaillardia are commonly called blanket flower because of the vast swathes of these vibrant flowers that cover parts of the North American prairie landscape in the summer months. Now, you may not have a prairie in your back garden, but Red Starburst will do its best to put on a long lasting colourful display on its own little scale.

The Spintop series, produced by Dutch breeders Dümmen Orange, was introduced at the end of 2015 but only really became widely available for the 2017 season, so these delightful varieties are still pretty much new kids on the block. There have been quite a number of new gaillardia appearing over the past few years, but this series, which also includes Orange Halo and Yellow Touch (guess the shades ) is a genuine step forward, with Red Starburst being our particular favourite on account of its explosive colour scheme.

Care is straightforward: deadheading is the key to prolonging the flowering display. That’s about all you are required to do, other than provide a sunny position and water as necessary. Simples.

Gaillardia Spintop Red Starburst is a hardy perennial with silver green leaves and red centred yellow flowers from summer to autumn suitable for full sun.

Photo by Dümmen Orange.

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