A shrub that has it all. Abelia Sunshine Daydream boasts a compact habit with evergreen foliage edged creamy yellow and reddish tinges which produces from early summer onwards tubular white flowers that shade to pink as they age. Scented, too, just for good measure. Sunny spot. Any reasonable soil. 3 to 4 feet. 2 litre pot.


Sunshine Daydream (now that’s a name that makes you think of nice things) is a cultivated variety of Abelia Grandiflora, a species which is itself a cross between Abelia Chinensis and A. Uniflora. Although this is a species of what the RHS calls garden origin, its roots, so to speak, lie in Asia, where its ancestors grow in hilly countryside and open woodland. Lots of scope for a very pleasant daydream there. This variety was introduced in 2009, having been developed at the nursery owned by Dutch breeder Ron van Opstal, which, as well as Abelia, specialises in shrubs such as Leucothoe, Nandina and Pieris.

Abelia is a pretty easy-going shrub, by and large, demanding not much more than an occasional light pruning to keep it in shape. They are quite vigorous growers, so keep an eye on it if you don’t want it to romp away too much. As Sunshine Daydream is a compact, low growing variety, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however. We have found, certainly with other abelias, that cutting back hard is ok as long as it’s done early in the year.

Here is a quick video introducing Abelia Sunshine Daydream.

Abelia Sunshine Daydream is a hardy evergreen shrub with variegated pink, green and yellow foliage and scented pinkish white flowers in summer suitable for sun.

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