WE CURRENTLY HAVE 2 SPECIMEN PLANTS IN 7 LITRE POTS FOR COLLECTION. If your Latin is up to scratch, you will have spotted that the prefix nano- means that what we have here is a dwarf version of Acacia Dealbata, with the usual delicate ferny foliage and profusion of bright lemon yellow flowers from winter into spring, but just on a smaller scale. This variety is supposedly a bit hardier than its cousin, but a spot sheltered from winter winds is still best. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 6 feet plus.

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There are lots of varieties of Acacia, or wattle if you prefer the common name, over a thousand in fact, native to several continents, but Acacia Nanodealbata is from the state of Victoria in Australia. There it grows in large stands in the central highlands, getting to 30 feet or a bit more, but in the UK we would expect it to be rather more compact than that. Indeed, we find that it takes quite well to being kept rather shrub-like by regular pruning.

In a sheltered spot in the south of England Acacia Nanodealbata will be happy enough out of doors, except in the worst of winters. Elsewhere it is a fine pot specimen for patio and conservatory (pruning as above helps in this circumstance!).

Acacia Nanodealbata is a fast growing small evergreen tree or shrub with ferny foliage and fluffy yellow mimosa flowers suitable for a sheltered position.

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