READY AUTUMN 2019. Pleasingly different from your usual Acacias is this species, which has long willow-like leaves of a bluish grey-green colour and the distinction of flowering off and on throughout the year. Grow Acacia Retinodes in a sheltered spot or try it in a large pot as a conservatory shrub. Full sun. Neutral to acid soil. 6 feet plus. 2 litre pot.

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Quick growing and flowers very young. We have had them in flower at 18 months old and around six feet in height. An absolutely stunning plant.

Acacia Retinodes is by nature shorter in stature than, say, Dealbata, but you can prune these quite hard and so maintain a compact shrubby shape without much difficulty.

We find them pretty hardy here in lowland Hampshire, with little damage even in colder winters, but situations exposed to northerly or easterly winds are definitely to be avoided.

Acacia Retinodes is a rare fast growing small evergreen tree or shrub with willowy foliage and fluffy yellow mimosa flowers suitable for a sheltered position.

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