It’s not entirely a surprise to learn that the Australian shrub Alyogyne was once classed as hibiscus, given the big satiny funnel shaped bluish lilac flowers that adorn it from late spring to autumn. Magic Moments is a new variety of this spectacular shrub. The finely divided filigree evergreen foliage is attractive in its own right, but it’s the huge flowers that keep appearing amongst it throughout the season that are the true stars of the show. A truly lovely thing. Hardy to around -5C. Sheltered sunny spot. Any reasonable soil. 36 in plus. 2 litre pot.


Alyogyne is a small genus, comprising four species, native to dry scrubby areas in various regions of Australia. Consequently, they will survive pretty dry conditions, certainly for short periods, once established. Magic Moments is a variety of Alyogyne Huegellii, with the species name honouring Charles, Baron von Hügel, who was a 19th century Austrian army officer and botanical explorer who visited Western Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales in the 1830s, bringing back a large collection of plants to Europe. As for that odd-sounding genus name, it derives from Greeek words meaning undivided and female. That still sounds odd, but seems to be a reference to the sparsely branched growing habit.

Speaking of which, a good pruning in spring may go some way to countering that habit, creating more branches and ultimately more of those spectacular flowers. As to where to put it, Alyogne Magic Moments is fairly winter hardy in the south or in coastal locations, but severe frosts may be a problem, so it is wise to locate it somewhere sheltered from the wind and to be ready to provide protection by fleecing if necessary. Alternatively, grow it in a nice big pot and it can be an outdoor plant in summer and grace your conservatory or other indoor space in winter. It’s one of those plants that’s worth making a bit of an effort for.

Alyogyne Magic Moments is a half hardy evergreen shrub with ferny foliage and large funnel shaped lilac flowers in spring, summer and autumn suitable for full sun.

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