Anisodontea El Royo is a charming slender upright evergreen or semi-evergreen sub-shrub from the Cape province of South Africa with airy lobed foliage and, from mid-summer to autumn (and often beyond!), a profusion of open flowers like a miniature hibiscus in pink with magenta centres. Give it a sunny sheltered spot. Any well drained soil. To about 5 feet or a little more. 2 litre pot.


If pruned back in spring to about half its height, Anisodontea El Royo will quickly put on new growth and reward you with flowers for months on end. A really lovely shrub that doesn't take up a lot of room, given its slender stature.

Other Anisodonteas tend to be less than fully hardy: El Royo seems to be able to take what winter can throw at it.

What’s in a name? Now, we and most other nurseries who offer this interesting shrub - at least here in the UK - seem to call it El Royo. However, the RHS begs to differ and gives it the name of El Rayo, as do some other growers, especially outside of the UK. This name may make more sense as it has the meaning of lightning bolt (or some other kind of ray), whereas royo translates from the Spanish as blond or reddish. Unless of course it refers to El Royo, a sparsely populated municipality in Castile and Leon. Whatever. As they say. Shakespeare probably summed it up best with his remark about roses.

This short video, although it features Anisodontea Capensis rather than El Royo, provides a good illustration of one of this shrub's many charms - the fact that it will try to keep on flowering even through the winter months!

Anisodontea El Royo is an upright hardy shrub with lobed leaves and hibiscus-like pink flowers from summer into autumn suitable for a sunny sheltered position.

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