AVAILABLE EARLY SUMMER 2019. Southernwood or Lad’s Love are the common names of Artemisia Abrotanum, a rather neglected but very lovely shrub whose fine grey-green foliage has a pungent aromatic scent when crushed. Late summer sees it covered in yellowish daisy-like flowers. Semi-evergreen. Sun. Well drained soil. 3 feet. 2 litre pot. 

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Rob has childhood memories of this plant. In the village in County Armagh that his dad came from, there was a big specimen of Southernwood by the bench where the elder residents sat watching the world go by. For many years the family had a plant grown from a cutting of this original.

Cut back pretty hard in early spring if you want to keep it from getting leggy.

Artemisia is, of course, more generally known as wormwood, and the legendary spirit absinthe is derived from Artemisia Absinthium, along with other ingredients.

Artemisia Abrotanum is a hardy semi-evergreen shrub with fine grey green aromatic foliage and daisy like flowers suitable for full sun and well drained soil.

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