READY LATER IN THE SEASON. A less commonly seen species of buddleia, and flowering at the other end of the season, Buddleia Globosa - aka the golfball bush - is a large  rounded shrub with crinkled dark green lance shaped leaves. Early summer sees it festooned with orange to yellow spherical flowerheads: quite a spectacle if you've not seen one before. Or even if you have. Sunny position. Any reasonable soil. 10 ft. or more. 2 litre pot.

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Rob used to have a lovely one of these in his garden when he lived in Devon.

Doesn't need much in the way of pruning, just a trim post flowering to keep it in shape. Depending on the severity of the winter, it will hang on to at least some of its leaves or let them drop if temperatures do the same.

You say buddleja, I say buddleia. Both are accepted spellings for this genus; we just find the former version looks a little odd on the page!

This short video has some nice shots of a large specimen of Buddleia Globosa:

Buddleia Globosa is a hardy semi-evergreen shrub with lance shaped leaves and orange golf ball sized flowers in early summer suitable for full sun.

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