Unique this new buddleia certainly is, being very different to the butterfly bushes you normally come across. It is fast growing but compact, forming a bushy shrub which is covered with clusters of bluish mauve flowers from summer through to autumn. Well suited to a big patio pot. An added bonus is that it is sterile and won’t self-seed! Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 3 feet. 9cm pot.


Buddleia Unique was developed by local breeder Peter Moore of Longstock Park from a seedling in a batch of Buddleia Alternifolia hybrids he cropped in 2009. The story of his discovery can be found here. Peter is of course the man responsible not just for a large number of buddleia varieties, but also a wide range of other plants, including some well known Choisyas, including Aztec Pearl, Goldfingers and White Dazzler.

Buddleia Alternifolia is a much larger shrub than this hybrid, hailing from China, where it grows at fairly high altitude along river banks, and only made it to cultivation in the early 20th century.

As it flowers on the current year's growth, every stem will be clothed in flower clusters. We find a bit of pruning two or three times a year keeps things fresh and well-shaped with lots of flowers.

Buddleia Unique is a hardy compact deciduous shrub with clusters of blue to mauve flowers from early summer to autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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