Elegant simplicity is what makes this hardy fuchsia a classic. Hawkshead will form a rounded bush with elliptical dark green leaves which, from early summer through to autumn, will display pendant pencil-slim single white flowers, occasionally tinged with a hint of pink. Classy. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 36 in. 2 litre pot.

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As with other fuchsias, cut Hawkshead right back in spring once new growth shows at the base.

The Europeans didn't discover the fuchsia shrub until the 17th century, when Charles Plumier came across Fuchsia Triphylla; he, however, named it after the 16th century botanist Leonhart Fuchs, which was nice of him.

Fuchsias started arriving in Britain at the end of the 18th century, with an explosion in their cultivation in the following century. Today there are prettty much countless varieties of this popular shrub.

The DDFGG is one of the best known fuschsia directories: you can find it here.

Fuchsia Hawkshead is a hardy shrub with glossy leaves and hanging slender white single flowers sometimes tinged pink suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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