AVAILABLE LATER IN THE SEASON. A gem indeed, from Australia, Grevillea Canberra Gem looks graceful throughout the year thanks to its soft needle-like dark green foliage which is slightly aromatic, especially if crushed. From early spring into summer clusters of tubular vibrant red flowers are borne in profusion along the branches. Full sun in a sheltered position. Acid to neutral soil. To 6 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Grevillea Canberra Gem is a fast grower, so it won't take very long to fill a space in your garden and it will flower quite happily as a young specimen. And very robust even in harsh winters, we have found.

Canberra Gem is a hybrid cross between G. Juniperina and G Rosmarinifolia: the foliage is certainly reminiscent of rosemary or juniper. Both the species mentioned are endemic to New South Wales and Victoria: the Australian capital city of Canberra (a staple question in quiz shows, guaranteed to catch a few contestants out) lies in the relatively tiny Australian Capital Territory in the south east corner of New South Wales.

Grevillea is an easy plant to care for. We find that all that is required is to prune in order to maintain the desired shape and size. If you do this once or twice a year, you will only have to trim it back fairly lightly: we maintain ours as a nice compact shrub in a big pot this way, and it flowers like crazy seemingly most of the time.

In this short video a rather breathless enthusiast takes a look at a roadside specimen of what they call Grevillea Canberra:

Grevillea Canberra Gem is a hardy evergreen shrub with aromatic needle-like leaves and waxy red tubular flowers in spring and summer suitable for full sun.

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