AVAILABLE 2019. Yes, this spectacular hibiscus is fully hardy. Yet Pink Candy’s saucer shaped and sized (8 to 10 inches) ruffled pink flowers with dark crimson centres that appear from mid-summer to autumn, accentuated by the coppery tinted foliage might suggest otherwise. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil, but not too dry. 36 in. 2 litre pot.

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Hibiscus Pink Candy is one of the Carousel series of varieties of Hibiscus Moscheutos bred by French nurseryman Alain Tan. The common name for the species of swamp mallow is a bit of a clue that these plants like regular moisture during the growing season. A choice and unusual plant, not commonly available in the UK, it needs good hot summer weather to encourage flowering.

Hibiscus Pink Candy dies right back to the ground in winter and is slow to re-emerge in spring, so leave a bit of cut-back stem to remind you where it is!

This American video shows some other varieties of this type of hibiscus, though Pink Candy is sadly not among them. Gives you some idea of how spectacular these plants are:

Hibiscus Pink Candy is a hardy deciduous shrub with copper tinted leaves and very large ruffled pink flowers in late summer suitable for full sun.

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