Not seen as often as it deserves, the trick with Leucothoe Scarletta is the changing hues of red which flush the dark green evergreen leaves in the various seasons. Autumn and winter can see it looking like some darkly burning bush. Very spectacular, a lovely dense shrub. Shady spot. Fertile acid soil. 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Also known as Zeblid, but we think Scarletta sounds nicer and more accurate (in English, at any rate). Leucothoe is a fairly widespread genus, but Scarletta is a variety of Leucothoe Fontanesiana, which hails from North America where its native habitat would be lightly wooded areas and riverbanks.

Um, you don't actually need to do very much with this one other than admire it. One for the low-maintenance garden, then.

Here is a quick video that shows off the atttractively reddened foliage of Leucothoe Scarletta.

Leucothoe Fontanesiana Scarletta syn Zeblid is a hardy evergreen shrub with dark green, bronze and red leaves and white flowers in spring suitable for shade.

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