Loropetalum Fire Dance, a fine example of Chinese fringe flower, is an uncommon and highly desirable low growing evergreen shrub with maroon-tinted leaves and plummy pink new growth. When the spidery bright pink flowers appear in spring and again later in the year, it is quite unlike anything else! Sheltered spot. Any reasonable soil. To 3 feet. 1 litre pot.


We absolutely love Loropetalum Fire Dance. Treasure it as it deserves. Effective in a large patio pot, which has the added benefit of letting you whip it inside if awful winter weather threatens your prized plant. Given a reasonably sheltered spot, we find it pretty hardy (the RHS rate it H4 which is -10C to -5C).

The species Loropetalum Chinense (from China and neighbouring territories, as you might guess) has green leaves and white flowers, but Fire Dance is a cultivar of L. Ch. var rubrum (the last bit being the giveaway about the red nature of both foliage and flowers) and was developed by the Candadian wholesale nursery Piroche Plants. Even the roots are purply red. We love the fact that it seems to flowers quite reliably twice a year, not just in spring but in late summer to autumn as well. And if you thought there was something vaguely familar about the shape of those spidery flowers, it’s probably because Loropetalum is a relative of the witch hazel or Hamamelis.

The following video shows closeups of a plant similar to Fire Dance in bloom and highlights the fact that it is often grown as a conservatory plant and, indeed, is increasingly popular as a subject for bonsai growing.

Loropetalum Chinense Fire Dance is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with purple leaves and spidery red flowers in spring and late summer suitable for light shade.

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