Winner of the RHS Plant of the Year award in 2013 at Chelsea, Mahonia Soft Caress differs from other mahonias in that the evergreen foliage is not sharp or spiny, but delicately feathery and, as the name suggests, soft to the touch, while retaining sufficient leathery toughness to see it through the winter. Sprays of soft yellow flowers brighten up the autumn months, followed by pretty bluish berries. A wonderful thing indeed. Best in partial shade. Any reasonable soil. 3 feet. 2 litre pot.


Rejoices in the full name Mahonia Eurybracteata ssp. Ganpinensis Soft Caress, but that's all a bit daunting, so we prefer to keep it a bit shorter than that.

The two big plus points that Soft Caress has over its fellow mahonia shrubs is that it keeps nice and compact and that it doesn't attempt to wound you every time you pass by. Which combine to make it a superb specimen for a big pot on the patio as well as in the border.

Here is a short video highlighting the qualities of this new shrub:

Care is easy. Well, pretty much non-existent really, as there is nothing much you have to do for this self-sufficient little shrub. Trim off the old flowering / berried stems in spring, and there you have it. Nice.

Mahonia Soft Caress is a compact hardy evergreen shrub with feathery foliage and sprays of yellow flowers in autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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