Nandina is known as Heavenly Bamboo as the new growth is upright and like slender canes of bamboo. Obsessed is a compact variety with young foliage that is initially brilliant red, becoming dark green through orange, but the whole shrub takes on shades of red in autumn and winter. Evergreen, so basically colour all year round. And clusters of white flowers as an added bonus. No berries, but it would be churlish to quibble about that, so nice is this shrub. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil, preferably neutral to acid. 24 to 36 in. 2 litre pot.

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Obessed is essentially an improved version of Gulfstream, which came about as a sport of the dwarf form Nandina Domestica Compacta. It doesn't sucker (probably a good thing), nor does it produce much in the way of berries (depends on how much you like berries, we suppose).

This variety also seems to turn up billed as as Obsession rather than Obsessed, but it seems to be the same thing. Whatever you care to call it, we think it has the best season-long colour of any nandina we have grown, and we like it a lot.

Nandina Domestica is the sole species in the genus, which must feel rather lonely at times, and is native to mountain valleys in Asia: India, China and Japan.

Pruning is given as group 9 by the RHS, which essentially means it doesn't need much doing to it other than a light trim if necessary in mid to late spring.

Nandina Domestica Obsessed is a hardy evergreen shrub with foliage in shades of red, orange and green, especially red in winter, suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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